The iSee platform is your complete business IT solution. Using advanced data collection and analysis tools it enables consumer experience measurement to produce market research. iSee easily integrates into any account management and database system leaving you to manage your business, not your data. You can create client databases, set notification systems, use digital audits and checklists as well as generate diversified reports with ease.

  • Digital Guest Feedback

  • Digital checklists

  • Digital audits

  • e-registration

  • POS integration

  • Loyalty Programmes

  • Social marketing

  • CRM Interface with consolidated data



Customer Feedback.

Customer feedback drives your business and gives you and your team insight on what’s hot and what’s not. Stop making assumptions, simply ask thousands of your valued guests what they actually think!

The iSee platform offers multiple tools to measure, analyze, understand and improve customers’ satisfaction. The wide range of functionalities will enable you to conduct any survey you want and to monitor its results in real time. Using mobile devices clients can quickly answer survey questions wherever they are.

  • Connect with customers and gather real-time feedback using web surveys, tablets and mobile phone surveys.

  • Understand what drives customer loyalty allowing you to focus on improving the customer experience

  • Create customisable surveys and reports

  • Performance Dashboards and regular analysis

  • Information can be captured without internet connection, syncs and downloads reports automatically when there is a Wi-Fi connection

  • Surveys available in Arabic, English and Russian


Customer Database.

  • Captures and stores customer contact and demographic details

  • Segmented Database

Customer Rescue.

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool both negatively and positively.  A customer may be polite and say that there is no problem with the service they received, only to then go and tell all their friends and family about how lousy your business is. The Customer Rescue module allows you to ensure that no one leaves without having had the chance to have their complaint or issue addressed. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction with an element of the service as part of their customer feedback, then a SMS or email alert is sent to the Manager.  The Manager can then personally address the concern and propose a resolution to the satisfaction of the customer. By offering prompt resolution, the opportunity is there to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal advocate.


Brand Audits and Checklists.

  • Digitised checklists / audits

  • Comments added on tablet

  • Photos of “issues” taken and included in report

  • Tasks assigned from tablet to relevant person

  • Task recipient receives and updates task status from mobile phone

  • Auto generated report format generated

  • Report emailed directly to recipients

  • Weighting and critical task performance elements may be added to report

POS Integration.

The iSee platform integrates with most POS (Point of Sale) systems. Through integration, a rounded and holistic view of business performance per location is gathered in real-time enabling enhanced business decision making. Interactive customised dashboards deliver these insights direct to management on their tablet / phone. Metrics that can be reported on the iSee reporting suite include:

  • Outlet performance

  • Customer preferences

  • Demographics

  • Identification of VIP customers


Performance Analysis and Reporting.

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Social Posting.

The growth of social media over the last decade has presented companies with a number of challenges and opportunities in terms of their marketing strategies.

The iSee platform allows customers to post reviews on social media sites such as Trip Advisor or Yelp.  On Facebook, for example they could be asked to post a selfie onto the company page with the choice of pre-defined tags or open comments.  These posts can operate on a moderator or non-moderator basis so that any unsuitable posts can be filtered out.

Digital Marketing

HR Survey.

Recruitment and retention are major issues in any organisation. The isee platform can help you engage effectively with candidates as well as enter into regular dialogue with existing staff members.

  • Filter prospective candidates through the completion of questionnaires

  • Allow candidates to upload CVs

  • Provide insight into employee satisfaction and the factors that will determine future recruitment, retention and motivation

  • Measure the impact of policy decisions such as compensation and training.

  • Open dialogue between employer and employees to allow for continuous improvement.


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